PRODUCER improves the creation, presentation and effectivity of documentary features by offering tools and support for all the relevant stages.

Preproduction Tools

  • Open Content Discovery tool to collect data across open repositories and discover information related to the documentary topic.
  • Audience Building & Integrated Trends Discovery to identify topics that are most likely to engage the audience, using enhanced trends analytics techniques.

Production Tools

  • Automatic Annotation tool to provide annotations paired and time aligned with the multimedia content, based on multimedia content analysis.
  • Multimedia Content Storage, Search & Retrieval tool to enable the storage of the professional and user generated content in a structured repository, grouped by thematic units.
    Interaction Tools

Interaction Tools

  • Interactive-Enriched Video Creation tool, which will facilitate the easy introduction of interactivity layers over the produced documentary
  • 360° Video Playout tool, enabling 360° video playout on HbbTV devices.
  • Second Screen Interaction tool, enabling multi-device interaction in conjunction with HbbTV devices, with a special focus on interactive advertising.
  • Social Recommendation & Personalization tool to filter content based on the audience, to make it more appealing to a larger audience.

PRODUCER allows PeRsOnalized DocUmentary Creation based on Automatically Annotated Content and simple integrated tools and interactive features


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