Report on Market Analysis

During the first 6 months of the project, one of the planned activities has been the analysis of the documentary production market. The main goal of this task was to conduct a deep analysis of the PRODUCER platform’s market landscape by analyzing the trends, the maturity of the processes, and possibly identifying the gaps on which the PRODUCER project can leverage and to address them.

Thanks to the nature of the consortium, made up of industry players and, as key partners, a large broadcaster and small production house, it has been possible to provide in-depth market viewpoints along with a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the documentary production market. It has been defined the target market of the PRODUCER framework and identified competitors that play a similar role in the market, highlighting the added value provided by the PRODUCER platform.

The result of the analysis showed a globally growing interest and importance of the documentary films genre for audiences as well as on the respective market dynamics, especially for online consumption of documentaries. Such interest is reflected by the statistics of the growing presence, in terms of quantity of items, of documentary content into the most successful OTT video Subscription services catalog in the world (including Netflix, Amazon and Hulu).

Since there isn’t a similar framework in the market as a whole, the market analysis has been split into separate sections for each tool composing the platform. Each partner was required to conduct a competitive and qualitative analysis of his own tool comparing with similar market tool and describing the individual added value proposition within the PRODUCER ecosystem.

During this task also a SWOT analysis has been conducted in order to analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the PRODUCER platform. This analysis is helpful in deciding the future evolution of the framework, identifying key aspects that could leverage a business development.

Although the analysis has produced a deliverable on project‘s month 6, the documentary production market will be constantly monitored during the whole project lifetime, so that it can be adapted to any possible market evolution.