IEEE International Conference On Multimedia And Expo (ICME) 2017

Fraunhofer FOKUS participated at the “IEEE International Conference On Multimedia And Expo (ICME) 2017” in Hong Kong from July 10-14. ICME is one of the flagship multimedia conferences sponsored by four IEEE societies since 2000 (

Two papers related to the 360° Video Playout Tool used in PRODUCER were submitted and accepted.

The first paper, “TOWARDS A HIGH EFFICIENT 360° VIDEO PROCESSING AND STREAMING SOLUTION IN A MULTISCREEN ENVIRONMENT” was accepted in the 4th IEEE International Workshop on Mobile Multimedia Computing (MMC 2017) which is held in conjunction with the ICME conference.

This paper addresses two main challenges a) the efficient streaming of high quality 360° video content using existing content delivery networks (CDNs) and without the need for additional bandwidth comparing to traditional video streaming and b) the playback of 360° content even on devices with limited processing resources and programmatic capabilities.

The second paper “CONTENT PREPARATION AND CROSS-DEVICE DELIVERY OF 360° VIDEO WITH 4K FIELD OF VIEW USING DASH” was a demo paper and was accepted in the “DASH-IF Grand Challenge: Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP”. In this paper we presented a solution that uses server-side transformation (SST) to enable 360° streaming of 4K FOVs which are originated from 16K 360° Video. With W3C HTML5 Media Source Extensions (MSE) and Encrypted Media Extensions (EME), MPEG DASH and Common Encryption (CENC) interoperable delivery of protected media content to Web browsers can be accomplished

.Presentation at ICME