Green Gold Reviews

Two weeks ago we announced the premiere of the documentary “Green Gold” by Producer project partner Domino Production.

The documentary was well received, prompting a long review on “energy post”, which covers many aspects of the movie and includes quotes from an interview with Sergio Ghizzardi, the filmmaker behind “Green Gold” and also features the trailer of the movie.
Review in “energy post”

The documentary was also covered by the Belgian Cinema site Le Cinéma Belge –  the review is however only available in French language .
Review at  Le Cinéma Belge

More reviews from:

La Libre Belgique (French language)

Le MAD de la semaine (Weekend supplement to Le Soir newspaper, French language)

Metro Magazine (French language)

Eos Wetenschap – Boeken & Film (Book & Film section of Dutch Science Magazine, Dutch language)